Upcoming races I will be at over the next few years.


28.01.23 - London Winter Walk, Half Marathon (3h:09m)
05.02.23 - London Winter Run, 10k (1h:05m)
23.04.23 - The Mad March Run - Spring 2023, 5k
14.05.23 - Beginners2Runners Woodland Run, 10k
09.07.23 - Asics London Run, 10k
08.10.23 - Royal Parks Half Marathon


25.03.24 - London Winter Run, 10k

Blog Posts

Starting the 10k road
If you have followed my blog for some time you would have seen my previous posts on my journey at the beginning of this year to run a 5k which you can read here With that now in the past and after a few successful 5k

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